Welcome to the Holy Cross Institute

From its home at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, the institute fosters zeal for mission among Holy Cross educators nationwide. That zeal has fired our community since 1837, when Father Basil Moreau, with the support of lay men and women who shared his vision, organized the Congregation of Holy Cross.

The Holy Cross Institute is charged with creating a national network among secondary schools, colleges and universities founded and sponsored by the Congregation of Holy Cross in the United States for the purpose of providing resources, programs and events that educate administrators, faculty, board members and students on the unique educational legacy of the Congregation. Read about our heritage.

Fostering diverse gifts. Nurturing educational leadership and spiritual growth, this community of practice connects people who think globally and act locally. The people leading Holy Cross Institute represent two North American provinces and St. Edward’s University.

Creating a national network. Besides hosting educational, spiritual and service programs on site, the institute offers retreat facilities and other services to Holy Cross schools. Through the institute, the people we serve can develop the tools to shape our mission for future generations. 

Living the mission. The Holy Cross mission belongs to all of us — religious, lay, female and male. Read examples of the mission at work and why we serve.

If you share the vision of Father Moreau, consider adding your gift to St. Edward's University and designate it to benefit the Holy Cross Institute.