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Blessed Father Basile Moreau, C.S.C.



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  • Text:The Man and His Times (Section 1 of the book A Simple Tool: The Mission and Message of Father Basil Moreau; see below).  This section contains written material on the life and historical context of Father Basile Moreau.

Writings By Moreau

Christian Education
Educacao Crista (português brasileiro / Brazilian Portuguese)

First published in 1856, Christian Education by Father Basil Moreau was originally written for the Holy Cross Brothers who were sent out to establish primary schools in nineteenth-century rural France, and other parts of the world. Combining intellectual and moral instruction, Father Moreau’s teaching methods formed the foundation of a Holy Cross education and live on at the many Holy Cross schools, colleges and universities that span the globe. To this edition are appended a reader’s guide and materials for further reflection.



Moreau Quotes

Writings About Moreau

A Simple Tool is an anthology of writings about Father Basil Moreau, his life and his teachings. Developed as a tool for Holy Cross ministers, the anthology represents a variety of perspectives that speak to the complexity and breadth of Father Moreau’s vision.

Sections include:
The Man and His Times
Spirituality for Apostolic Religious Life
The Family of Holy Cross 


Reflections on Mission of Holy Cross Educators

Superiors General on Holy Cross Education

Writings on Education from the Circular Letters of the Superiors General (1868 to 1985)

Christian Education: Circular Letter No. 26 March 19, 1986 / L'Education chrétienne Lettre Circulaire 26 March 19, 1986   Fr. Thomas O. Barrosse, CSC